POE Items and Points from Amazon’s Mayhem Promotion Now

Path of Exile is teaming up with Amazon to bring you the Mayhem Promotion. Get points and POE Items in these affordable packs.


POE Items you’ll get at $20 and $40

For $20 players can get 200 Path of Exile Points, a Chrome Scorpion Pet, Exile’s Essentials Back Attachment and a Gold Spectral Throw. Players who can throw in an extra twenty for the $40 pack can get all of the previous pack’s Path of Exile items and more. The $40 pack gives 400 Path of Exile points, the previous POE items, a Brilliant Crown and Acid Weapon Effects.

POE Items and more for $60

If collecting Path of Exile Orbs and POE Items are your thing then go for the $60 Pack. This bundle includes 600 Path of Exile Points, the items in previous pack, an Orange Portal Effect and a Premium Stash Tab. Note that the Mayhem Promotion is only available through Amazon.