POE Items Eloquent Economy Introduction

Economy is the most important aspect of MMORPG. It is one of the reasons why real money trading is prohibited on some MMORPG as it will imbalance the economy and soon to be uncontrollable, thus making new players quit the game due to bad economy, which hinders them from getting the gears they want. Wherein, developers made some NPC to ask the player for a large sum of money. Additionally, weapon, armor and potion merchants are keys to maintain a healthy server economy.

POE Items Eloquent Economy Introduction: Real Money Trading

It takes a lot of time before a player reach the peak wealth. On the other hand, Real money trading makes it possible for new players to acquire or get close to peak wealth.

In fact, it is healthy for the economy whenever a rich player quits as it reduces the total amount of wealth from the economy, and makes rare items even more expensive.

POE Items Eloquent Economy Introduction: New Updates

Usually, a new update covers new items, new dungeon, new maps, and sometimes new mechanics.

Every MMORPG has this equipment cap. Equipment cap is a set of strongest equipment in the current game’s version. When most of the population reached equipment cap, it is a signal for the developers to release a new content that includes stronger equipment, new items, and dungeons. Thereon, the post-update equipment will drop its value, which is a healthy occurrence for the economy.

POE Items Eloquent Economy Introduction: NPC

Make estimation: how much money does an NPC collect from players through buying potions? Pretty sure, it is large. Now imagine without a single NPC in MMORPG. It might be a viable strategy in the early game, but later in the late game, like 3 years, the economy is most likely broken because there is no money sink. Money is just floating around. It will result into a broken economy where a piece of item has a price tag of 2 billion, which will make new players enter.


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