POE Items: Hack and Slash Is Still Rewarding

In this day and age, mechanics of games are fast developing. New ways of getting past levels and bosses are arising and these bring new flavor to the world of MMORPG’s. This doesn’t mean that old types of system like hack and slash is not fun anymore. Path of Exile for example, having the old hack and slash method of game and still keeping a decent share number of players all over the world. Players still enjoy Path of Exile for so many reasons by being a hack and slash game. Here are some reasons why and you might relate to them:



It’s Easy and Brainless

  • Not undermining the type of game Path of Exile is but you cannot deny the fact that hack and slash is one of the easiest mechanic in MMORPG. You right click the enemy to attack it until it dies. This works well if you’re controlling a character that lives on physical attack whether it be melee or range. Click, click, click, hooray enemy’s dead. Easy! With all the stress you get from real life, clicking brainlessly on enemies in Path of Exile is satisfying. You don’t want to think, you just want to kill enemies with the simplicity of mashing your finger on your mouse thus making it fun.

The Lucky Feeling

  • Establishing that hack and slash type of gaming is easy, we can say that it is also a fast paced grind mechanic in terms of obtaining gears and items. Click your way through mobs and loot their dead corpses for your loots. Though this is easy, rare Path of Exile items only drop in minimal chance. The moment you see a rare item from a dead enemy like Exalted Orb, you feel like the luckiest person alive. All the thousands of mobs you killed and getting one rare item is still gratifying.


Working Hard or Luckiest Ever? One Full Stash of Path of Exile Orbs


The Rich Feeling

  • Dead bodies mean more loot; more loot means you’re rich. You might not be rich in real life but being rich in an MMORPG like Path of Exile is rewarding. It’s a top of the (fantasy) world feeling knowing you can afford any items you want and need in-game. You can buy Path of Exile items as you please.


You cannot say that “Ew hack and slash is boring” until you have tried it and even if you have tried it already and thinks it is still boring, try playing it again. There’s a high chance that you will rethink what you have said about hack and slash.