POE Items Can Be Improved Using Orbs

If you found good POE items, but are disappointed they’re just normal, don’t be. With Orbs in Path of Exile, you can make these items much better. Read on for details.



Giving Normal POE items better modifiers

Implicit modifiers are those extra bonuses on normal items (like the Increased Spell Damage above.) You can re-roll this by using Blessed Orbs on your POE items. Note that not all implicit modifiers can be re-rolled.

Changing rarity of POE items

If the stats of your POE items are already good, and what you want is to change rarity, then use an Orb of Chance. This re-rolls the item rarity, giving you a chance to get a Magic, Rare or even Unique item. If you want a surefire Magic or Rare item, then use an Orb of Transmutation or Orb of Alchemy respectively.