POE Items Improvement through Quality Upgrades (Part II)

In a previous guide, we went over how Quality in Path of Exile affects POE Items. We saw, how it improves Weapons and Armor. In this guide, we’ll look how Flasks and Skill Gems are affected by this statistic. Read on for details. POE-Items-path-of-exile-items-quality

Quality for POE Items effects on flasks

When the Quality of a Flask is increased one of two things can happen. If it is a health, mana or hybrid flask, then the amount restored is increased by the Quality percentage. In the case of utility flasks, their duration is increased instead. To increase the Quality of these POE Items use a Glassblower’s Bauble.

Skill Gem POE Items and Quality

The Quality increase is dependent on the Rarity of POE Items. However, for Skill Gems the increase is fixed at 1% per Gemcutter’s Prism. Additionally, the effects of Quality increases vary depending on the active or support skill gem. Note though that it is always a beneficial increase.