POE Items in the Lord’s Labyrinth

At each entrance/exit of the room you are in there is a map pedestal. This will show you any rooms you have visited, as well as all connections to neighboring rooms, what type of room each is. Below are the types and what to expect in each one where you can also find POE Items.

zones for poe items

Zoning in the Labyrinth for POE Items


  • BLANK – This is a travel room, used to usher the player into more meaningful rooms. Secret trap gauntlets can be found in these rooms.
  • SILVER KEY – This room contains a Silver Key which is required to open a Silver Door located in the Labyrinth. This item will drop on the ground when leaving the Labyrinth. This room may contain a secret passage to the Gold Key room. Opening this passage will NOT consume your silver key.
  • Silver Cache – This room can contain an “Ascendant’s Treasures”, an “Emperor’s Cache”, an “Intricate Locker” or a Mysterious Darkshrine that grants a random effect. Gaining access the room containing the chest or shrine will consume a Silver Key
  • Gold Door – Unlike Silver Doors these doors will block the way forward and must be opened to proceed down the path. You will need a Golden Key which required to open a Golden Door located in the Labyrinth. This item will drop on the ground when leaving the Labyrinth.
  • Golden Key – This room contains one Golden Key needed to open a Gold Door that is required to advance in the map. They do not necessarily lead directly to Izaro fights. These rooms are always attached to the Gold Door rooms but can also be reached through a secret passage in Silver Key rooms.

More rooms to get POE Items

  • Forgotten Reliquary – This room contains multiple chests and caches that are guarded by trap combinations. This room will contain a large chest that contains an item, called Trinket that will aid you with the mechanics of the next Izaro fight.
  • Aspirant’s Trial – This room is where you fight Izaro

As you progress your hunt in for POE Items since you kill monsters around you. You can sell it in the auction house or trade with other players. In this kind of profiting you helped players who are looking for items they need and at the same time you get yourself a profit thru your hard work in grinding.