POE Items for Winning in League Races in Path of Exile

Some players in Path of Exile want to play competitively but don’t want to risk their items in Cut-Throat league. This is where Races shine. These events let players against others for special POE Items without having to risk their own stuff.


Test your knowledge of POE Items in a Race

The goal of a race is often simple, reach the win condition within the time limit. The catch is, players start with a new character and have no access their old POE Items. The win condition changes, but is usually reaching the highest level within the Race period. Of course, Race Leagues use different combinations of League modifiers to make it more challenging.

POE Items rewards for winning

Characters that place first are often given custom or unique POE Items. Depending on the Race, there may also be rewards for placing in the top rankings, or completing special goals. Some Races even let you earn rewards points that will give you a chance to earn various items.