POE Items: Medallion Race Season

Seasons in a multiplayer game always bring the best – and sometimes the worst – out of players and heats up the competition. Many MOBAs and dungeon crawler MMOs put up seasons, resetting players’ progresses to make them start from scratch and prove that they have the skill to make it once again. Path of Exile is no different, as it will be having its own Medallion Race season.  Players who will participate in the season will start from the beginning. The rewards of the Medallion Race, however, are worth so much more than what players would lose. So once the Medallion Race begins, you better start raking POE items.

POE Items: Rewards and Conditions

You might have played other titles under the dungeon crawler RPG genre and have already experienced playing a season of it. If so, then that’s good, as you now have a bit of an idea what will be going on. But even though that’s the case, you should know that Path of Exile’s seasons are a bit different. Because while there is already a set span of time when and how long the season will happen, there are many events, also known as races, happening within that period, with the staple one as the Fixed Seed event called Medallion. These races give you points, which in turn are traded in for different rewards in the form of POE items. To further encourage you, here are the rewards for this season:


  • 10 points: Ngamahu Tiki (Coral Amulet)
  • 40 points: Night’s Hold (Black Maw Talisman)
  • 100 points: Tear of Purity (Lapis Amulet)
  • 250 points: Victario’s Acuity (Turquoise Amulet)
  • 500 points: Natural Hierarchy (Rotfeather Talisman)
  • 1000 points: Voll’s Devotion (Agate Amulet)

Other than these POE items, points will also be computed to determine who is the winner of the season.

Should you choose to participate in the season, take note that the season will take place from July 23, 2016 to August 19, 2016. Within that time period, there will be 125 events. To ensure that you get to be a part of every event, check out the schedule they posted.

So, you ready for Path of Exile items, POE orbs, and the thrill of the challenge? Well, you better be, because the season starts really soon.