POE Items Rewards and Schedule for Race Season 8

Race Season 8 for Path of Exile is coming and here are details on what to expect. Powerful POE Items await players who’ll emerge victorious in Descent: Champions races.


When to compete for your POE Items

Season Eight will run from June 7 until July 20. There will be a total of 190 events where players can accumulate points to win coveted Path of Exile items. For this season, the signature race will be a 40 minute Descent: Champions race. There will be other race variants including Solo Bursts and Endless Ledge. Like with all races skill gems, POE items and Path of Exile Orbs obtained in a race cannot be transferred outside of their respective leagues.

POE Items that are in store

Ten POE Items are up for grabs for race participants. These include a Lifespring Driftwood Wand at 7 RP, and a Prismatic Ring at 50 RP. Skilled players who can get 1,000 RP will receive Berek’s Respite, a two-stone ring that adds damage and resistances to fire and lightning.