POE Items: Ranger Ascendancy Class Raider

We move on to the next ascendancy class for Ranger which is the Raider. Although under the same range class, Raider is unique on its own.

Here is a brief overview of what a Raider is according to the Path of Exile gamepedia

Path of Exile Items: Overview

The Raider focuses on maintaining buffs, gaining Frenzy Charges, Onslaught, or Phasing through kills. She can specialize in one of these buffs to enhance its effect, greatly boosting her speed and evasion. Despite what the class icon shows, this class doesn’t have any modifiers specific to melee damage, so ranged attacks will receive those bonuses as well.

So basically, the more the Raider kills, the more it gets stronger. It feeds on the fact that it killed so many and gets empowered to kill more. Maybe think of it as a ranged berserker.

Let us take a look on some of the passive skills that make a Raider deadly.

POE Items: Passive Abilities

Skill Modifiers Prerequisite
Rapid Assault ·         20% increased Attack Damage

·         20% chance to gain Onslaught for 3 seconds on Kill

Avatar of The Chase ·         50% increased Onslaught Effect

·         20% increased Attack Damage during Onslaught

·         25% more chance to Evade Melee Attacks during Onslaught

·         15% more chance to Evade Projectile Attacks during Onslaught

Rapid Assault
Way of the Poacher ·         10% increased Attack Speed

·         10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Kill

Avatar of the Slaughter ·         2% increased Movement Speed per Frenzy Charge

·         3% increased Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge

·         3% increased Attack Damage per Frenzy Charge

·         +1 Maximum Frenzy Charge

Way of the Poacher
Quartz Infusion ·         6% chance to Dodge Attacks

·         20% chance to gain Phasing for 3 seconds on Kill

Avatar of the Veil ·         20% increased Elemental Damage

·         20% increased Movement Speed while Phasing

·         Immune to Elemental Status Ailments while Phasing

·         10% chance to Dodge Spells while Phasing

Quartz Infusion


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With these passive abilities, a Raider is as strong as any ascendancy class there is in Path of Exile. Not only it gets stronger offensively after killing an enemy, Raider also gets defensively stronger with its passives. The common knowledge that a “range class is not tough” doesn’t apply to Raider. Try the Raider now!