[Ranger Build] A Guide to Lightning Ranger Build for POE Items Farmers

This build would be one of the coolest builds in path of exile. The build makes the ranger class cool, because of its lightning effects.

The build will primarily focus on massive upgrade of lightning damage. The lightning and bow would be the bread and butter of this build.

This blog post will cover the crucial information about lightning ranger build.


Recommended POE Items

These poe items might cost a player a lot, but it’s really worth the price! The build is superb and can wipe dungeon monsters easily with cool lightning attacks.

List of path of exile items:

Voltaxic Rift Spine Bow – This bow provides large amount of lightning damage, which is the main status point of the build. It also has a feature of triggering shock chance, which is important for mana leech.

Lightning Coil Desert Brigandine – it gives a very little damage for lightning, but every unit of lightning damage helps!

Thunderfist Murder Mitts – it adds lightning damage, double shock duration and the precious attack speed.

Wake of Destruction Mesh Boots – More lightning damage!

Berek’s Grip Two-Stone Ring – The build would not work without this thing. The build absolutely need that mana leech.

Atziri’s  Promise Amethyst Flask – Get all the leech available!

The other items do not really matter at all. Just acquire all the items that add lightning damage.

Leveling Tips in coordination with POE Items

Levels 1 to 9:

These levels are very simple. Any bow will do at these levels, though, try to get a gem that reduces mana cost, it will help a lot.

Levels 10-23

As the character level goes up, things are getting complicated.

By this level you must already have a storm cloud and start running wrath, it will make your life and leveling easier. If possible also try getting purity of lightning in hand.

During level 12, try to link an added lightning gem in split arrow. At level 12, this is the start of getting quality items.

Levels 24-59

Switch to tornado shot at level 24 and link it with LMP + Added lightning damage. Additionally, start using herald of thunder at level 24.

Levels 60 and up

Around 61+ a player must be planning to acquire the items mentions above. These levels are item hunting levels, hunting items while leveling.

Passive Skill Build synchronized with POE Items

Passive Skill build: