POE Items: Reasons of Playing

Every player has a reason why he/she plays a game or multiple games. It would be zombie-like if there’s no reason as to why one spends time playing. For sure, one way or another, a player can at least provide one answer when questioned why.

Path of Exile Items: POE Players

How about Path of Exile players, why do they keep on playing Path of Exile? What do you think POE players answered to this? Therier posted in Reddit, “Hi! I would like to know what is the reason why you like Path of Exile and what makes it better than oher games.” I got very curious myself and wanted to share the answers with you. Let’s find out:

Path of Exile Orbs: Some of the Answers

One post worth mentioning that attracted multiple replies is a comment from kylegetsspam:
It’s the opposite of D3. Same genre, totally different approach. D3 is style over substance. PoE is substance over style. GGG gives a hell of a lot more fucks about their game than Blizzard does too. Despite being free to play, I’ve given GGG far more money than I have any other game. Like, a factor of ten more.”


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This is a nice example of “every game has pros and cons” and it is not required to choose a game over the other because they are comparable under the same genre. It caught me by surprise though. Bringing up Diablo against Path of Exile and choosing the latter knowing that the former is more popular, did not see that coming. He also brought up the developer’s influence on the game. Seems kylegetsspam tried Diablo as well but Blizzard disappointed him one way or another while POE sufficing what he thought lacked from Diablo, pretty reasonable.

The thread caught many more answers and another common answer is the character customization. Having to think of their own builds because of different combinations of passive skills made the game really fun for them.