POE Items Stash Upgrades w/ the Weekend Stash Tab Bundle Sale

Keep your Path of Exile items in colored and organized Stash Tabs. Improve your tabs with this week’s Stash Tab Bundle sales. Also check out the new Microtransaction POE items added by Patch 1.1.4.


Improve POE Items storage

On Saturday, Premium Stash Tab Bundles for your POE Items and Path of Exile Orbs will on sale. The bundle will be discounted by 17.5%. Come Sunday, Regular Stash Tab Bundles will be 26.6% off. Enjoy the extra inventory space and customized tabs now!

New Microtransaction POE Items

Make sure to also check out the new Microtransaction POE Items added by patch 1.1.4. Aside from Skill Gems, the patch also added the Soul Nexus Clarity Effect. Other cosmetic items include the Bandana Helmet Skin and the Tentacle Wings Back Attachment.