POE Items from the Sacrifice of the Vaal Update

Exiles of Wraeclast prepare yourselves for the coming of Queen Atziri! Path of Exile’s Sacrifice of the Vaal update is live! It will pit players against new enemies while giving them new POE Items.


Prepare your POE Items for high level content

The return of Queen Atziri gives veteran players a challenge with all new content. Players have to go through various challenges and difficult levels before they can get to fight Queen Atziri herself. Finishing these will reward them with POE Items. It also makes progress through the new quest line.

POE Items needed to face Queen Atziri

Players first need to gain access to her Lair before they can fight Queen Atziri. This is done by collecting fragments from Vaal-influenced locations. These POE Items need to be combined in the Map Device.  This then creates six portals to the Apex of Sacrifice. Players will then have to fight Queen Atziri’s minions before getting to challenge her.

Finding the new areas containing POE Items

Corrupted Areas are scatted throughout Wraeclast. Their entrances can be identified by a large beating heart hanging outside. These heart glow red and have blood swirling around them. These dungeons are comparable to end-game maps and hold new boss monsters within. While they offer rare POE Items, be warned that they are not designed to be soloed. Make sure to bring a friend or two along.

POE Items rewards from these areas

Aside from a boss monster, each Corrupted Area contains a chest with guaranteed Vaal Path of Exile items. Players will receive a Vaal Fragment, and a Vaal Skill gem upon opening these guarded chests. Of course, the various monsters in the area will drop other items as well as give out experience points.