Rest and Ruins in Path of Exile – Path of Exile Guide

When starting a new game, Path of Exile players are thrown into the midst of battle. They will first need to dance with the undead and a boss monster before they can find respite. It is in the small town of Lioneye’s Watch that they find their rest in Act I of the game. Here is where collectors of POE Currency get to meet the first NPCs and other Exiles in Wraeclast. Rest and Ruins in POE, let’s see!

Rest and Ruins


Each Act in the game contains one town or haven players can go to, to rest and recuperate. For The Shore, this is the humble town of Lioneye’s Watch. The town is connected to The Twilight Strand and The Coast. It is also here that new players first get to use a Stash, the Noticeboard and a Waypoint.

The town is also home to three NPCs and two Masters. The NPCs include Nessa, Bestel and Tarkleigh. Nessa is an NPC who can trade items for magic items and potions. For weapons and armor to use Path of Exile Orbs with, players can talk to Tarkleigh. Lastly Bestel gives players the Mercy Mission quest.

As mentioned, Lioneye’s Watch also houses two Masters. These two are the Armourmaster Haku and Loremaster Elreon. Those seeking to level up these Masters and/or get Hideouts would do well to take their quests.


Lioneye’s Watch used to be a fort held by Marceus Lioneye during the Purity Rebellion. The fort tried to stand its ground against the Karui army of King Kaom, but was defeated. For three hundred years the fort and town lay in ruins until a group of Exiles have decided to settle down and call it home. Now it serves as an early refuge for those who are new to Wraeclast.