Searching for Mud Flats in Shore of Wraeclast – Path of Exile

The Shore in Wraeclast is home to a lot of different monsters as well as terrain. Among the latter are The Mud Flats. Collectors of POE Currency will find nests of Rhoas and undead in this area. This map is also home to three items needed for a quest.

Mud Flats


Players trying to access The Fetid Pool or The Lower Submerged Passage will first need to go through The Mud Flats. Entry to this area is from The Coast or through a Waypoint. Note that the area is home to three Rhoa Nests that are connected by small streams that lead to the ocean. The nests are of note due to the quest items they hold.

Those looking for Path of Exile Orbs and items can find them from the monsters that dwell in the area. The Mud Flats are inhabited by Great Rhoas, Rhoa Scavengers, and Murk Fiends. Dripping Dead and Tide Striders also roam the area. Hunters also need to note that Oozeback Blook, a unique Great Rhoa also lurks in the flats.

Monsters in the area have resist cold and will use physical attacks. For normal difficulty, the monsters spawn at monster level 4. At Cruel and Merciless difficulty they spawn at 36 and 52 respectively.


The Mud Flats is part of the Breaking Some Eggs quest. In the latter, players are required to gather three quest items from the Rhoa Nests. The items are a Roseus Glyph, an Ammonite Glyph and a Haliotis Glyph.

Those looking for Vaal Skill Gems, or Corrupted Path of Exile Currency can visit the Mud Flats for a chance to find Corrupted Areas in it. The Corrupted Areas that spawn in it are the Strange Sinkhole and Sunken Shingle.