Semi-Complex Dancing Duelist Prioritizing DPS – Path of Exile

The convenient thing about this build is duelists can use it on early levels and improve it later on, as you progress in the game. Normally, you wouldn’t have a hard time completing the standard items of this build in thing POE Currency.


POE Build for Dancing FrenzyBreaker Duelist: Pros and Cons


  • Very fast damage per second. It can easily drain a monster and boss’ hp, if you build up all your charges and use Enfeeble. Consider using the items, especially equip the right shield!
  • The skill blood dance gives massive amount of health regeneration.
  • It has enormous resistance to physical attacks
  • This build is a fast grinder; it can clear a map less than 5 minutes, if you have a good assortment of flasks, quicksilver flask and great efficiency.


  • Chaos mobs can easily kill this build
  • It has some issues on double physical reflect
  • This build relies on charges too much. Without these charges, this build is vulnerable
  • Due to the responsibility of keeping the charges up, this build is not efficient on party or any team grinding missions.
  • No MF gear

Necessary Gears

If you’re a beginner, the first thing that you should mind is utilizing all the low grade gears. As a low level player, don’t buy the best gears on lower levels. Rather, you must muster all the currency so that you’ll be able to buy path of exile currency. For the equipments, try getting “The Bringer of Rain Nightmare Bascinet,” “Saffell’s Frame Branded Kite Shield” or “Lioneye’s Remorse Pinnacle Tower Shield,” Facebreaker Strapped Mitts,” “Meginord’s Girdle Heavy Belt,” and “The Blood Dance Sharkskin Boots,” For the jewelries, It’s recommended to have the add physical damage mods with dual/tri res. As for the accessories try getting yourself “Death Grasp Prismatic Ring,” Victory Twirl Prismatic Ring,” and “Wrath Idol Onyx Amulet.”

Passive Skill Build

Duelists excel in getting top tier strength and dexterity. Prioritizing the passive skills during lower levels would make your life a lot easier to level up.

Here is an example of a Dancing FrenzyBreaker Duelist passive skill build. This build is not doctrine, as you can modify it, until it suits your play style.