Skills that Help You in Path of Exile – POE Guide

Path of Exile players get more than just masters in the newest update for the game. Forsaken Masters also add Quest Trackers and tutorials to the game. Players will also get to use new active skill gems when hunting POE Currency.


The new mini-expansion added optional Quest Trackers to the game. This new feature displays the current quest objectives on the right side of the screen. With the new Master Missions, this can help players remember what tasks they need to accomplish.

New comers to the game will also benefit from the new patch. Various new tutorials have been added to the early parts of the game. These teach new players about the game while being non-intrusive. Veteran players can turn off or reset the tutorials in the game’s options.

Gathering with dexterity skills

Two new Dexterity skills have been added to the game for hunting Path of Exile Currency. The first is Tornado Shot. This ability fires a shot that goes through opponents. Once it reaches its destination it fires a set of projectiles in all directions. As its name implies, the shot has a whirlwind like graphic as it fires its extra shots.

The second Dexterity skill added is Poacher’s Mark. When cast on an enemy, it reduces its evasion. Characters who then attack the marked enemy will receive life and mana on hit. They will also get increased flask charges when attacking the creature, as well as a chance to get a Frenzy Charge when it dies.

Hunting with intelligence skills

Intelligence builds with get two new skill gems. The first is Herald of Ash. This offensive spell adds fire damage to your attacks. When you kill an enemy while this extra damage is on, nearby enemies will be ignited based on the over kill damage. A similar skill Herald of Ice has also been added. This skill adds cold damage to your spells and attacks. Killing an enemy with this effect active will make it explode and apply cold damage to nearby targets.