Teaming Up with Others to Hunt Path of Exile Items

Partying with other players in Path of Exile is fun and sometimes once you find a good group, you’ll want to play with them again. While you can add them to your friends list, this method can get cumbersome when the number of people increases. Thankfully, you can make a Guild that can better organize the people you hunt Path of Exile items with.


Guilds for collectors of Path of Exile items

Guilds are player made groups that can have anywhere from 30 to 250 members. These groups are account binding meaning all your characters will be part of the guild you join. Each member in a guild belongs to one of three ranks. The highest rank, Leader, can make microtransactions for the guild and set permissions. The next rank, Officers can add people to the guild. The last rank, Players have no powers. Guilds also have a private guild chat where members can organize hunts for Path of Exile items.

Guild tags and shared Path of Exile items stash

More established Guilds can set up Tags that will show up next to the name of a member in chat. Tags are set by sacrificing specific end-game Maps for specific letters and can have 3 to 6 letters. Aside from Tags, members can also access a shared stash. Depending on the permissions, members can place or take Path of Exile items in the stash.