The Darkness Mystery Box: New POE Items for Hunters

They’ve just released the Darkness Mystery Box which will be on sale for POE Items hunters until the end of the Prophecy Leagues (August 30th!) Each box grants you one random darkness-themed microtransaction, with value equal to at least that of the box (25 points). There are 31 awesome prizes to win including two new armour sets and other new effects! Check out this video compilation of all the microtransactions contained in the Darkness Mystery Box!

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Getting your POE Items and Rewards

What’s in the Darkness Mystery Boxes? New Microtransactions in the Box:

  • Gloom Helmet Skin
  • Gloom Body Armour Skin
  • Gloom Seraph Boots Skin
  • Gloom Gloves Skin
  • Gloom Wings Back Attachment
  • Gloom Herald Effect (Applies to all Herald effects)
  • Obsidian Seraph Boots Skin
  • Obsidian Seraph Gloves Skin
  • Obsidian Seraph Body Armour Skin
  • Obsidian Seraph Helmet Skin
  • Dark Crystal Hideout Decoration (All 9 variations included. Only available from this box!)
  • Dark Firework Hideout Decoration (All 3 variations included. Only available from this box!)
  • Dark Fireworks (Stack of 15. Only available from this box!)

More Rewards and Path of Exile Items

Other than the Dark Fireworks, the Dark Crystal and Dark Firework hideout decorations, these new microtransactions will become available in our store in the future (from October at the earliest).

  • Existing Microtransactions in the Box:
  • Raven Wings
  • Badge of Skulls
  • Skull Hood
  • Iron Maiden
  • Badge of Anguish
  • Black Cat Pet
  • Black Hole Portal Effect
  • Arc of Defiance
  • Ebony Weapon Effect
  • Steam-powered Engine Back Attachment
  • Nursery Web Spider
  • Ebony Footprints Effect
  • Stygian Raise Spectre Effect
  • Ebony Blast Rain Effect
  • Twisted Horns Helmet Effect
  • Ebony Scorpion Pet
  • Bandana
  • ain Hideout Decoration

Note that these Mystery Boxes have random outcomes for your hunter of Path of Exile Items. Opening them near Kadaka does not double your luck! Please purchase them responsibly!