The Pure Intelligence Witch Class – Path of Exile Class Discussion

The classes Exiles in Path of Exile can become are categorized into two: Pure and Hybrids. This is determined by the stats the class will focus on. For pure Intelligence, the associated class is the Witch. This wielder of elements and dark arts is the perfect collector of POE currency for players who have a penchant for ranged combat. She also has access to curses that can easily debuff and debilitate those who seek to do her harm.


Pure intelligence

The Witch is the pure intelligence class of the game. Majority of her skills and abilities are reliant on the Intelligence stat, usually for damage and duration. As a spell caster, her Intelligence also improves the amount of mana she has that allows her to cast her numerous spells. When modding Path of Exile items for this class using Path of Exile Orbs, make sure to focus on Intelligence. Her starting stats are 14 Strength, 14 Dexterity and 32 Intelligence.

The elements

As a spell casting class, the Witch has several spells in her arsenal. This gives her easy access to elemental damage that is crucial when taking down well armored targets. The Witch also has a selection of curses that debilitate and cripple enemies. Lastly, her mastery of the dark arts allows her to summon minions of all kinds to do her bidding.

While the Witch can obtain and wear various items and gear in the game, there are certain armors associated to her. Collectors of items should keep an eye out for Circlets, Robes, Fabric Gloves, Slippers/Boots, and Sprint Shields. These POE Currency not only offer better protection, there often come with Intelligence boosting mods. It is also isn’t rare to find that these equipment come with Witch specific modifiers.