[TIPS]Improving Your Path of Exile Items through Quality Upgrades (Part I)

Sometimes, you find an item in Path of Exile that is near perfect. You don’t want to re-roll any of the modifiers, but you wish the values could be better. With the Quality system for Path of Exile items, you can make the item perfect. Check this article for more information.



Quality and your Path of Exile items

Path of Exile items have a Quality stat that goes from 0 to 20%. While the effect of this varies from item to item, it improves the item without relying on luck. No more wasting orbs on re-rolling!  Instead you’ll be using specific currency items to increase Quality on your Path of Exile items. Quality for Normal items goes up 5% per upgrade, while Magic ones go up by 2%. Finally, Rare and Unique items increase by 1%. Be warned however, using an Orb of Fusing or a Jeweller’s Orb will consume all the quality on the item when rolling for sockets/links.

How the Quality of Path of Exile items affects armor and weapons

The Armor rating, Evasiopn and Energy Shield rating of armors are calculated with Quality as one of the factors. This means, the more Armourer’s Scraps you use to increase quality, then the more your armor improves. For weapon Path of Exile items, the minimum and maximum damage is affected. To increase quality on a weapon, use a Blacksmith’s Whetstone.