Understanding Increased Item Rarity/Quantity for Path of Exile Items

Having covered the basics of items in Path of Exile in earlier guides, we can now move forward to how to get more of them. The mechanics of Increased Item Rarity/Quantity will be explained so you can get more high quality Path of Exile Items. Check below for more information.



Increasing the Rarity of your Path of Exile items

Getting Magic, Rare and Unique items can be quite a chore. With Increased Item Rarity however, you can improve the chances of getting these high rarity Path of Exile items. This modifier can be obtained from equipment, support gems, monster rarity, and party and map bonuses. Sadly, modifiers on your character are subject to diminishing returns. To offset this, bonuses to IIR from your party and monster rarity do not decline. Finally, be warned that IIR does nothing for chest and currency drops. How many items drop are also not affected.

Improving the drop rate of Path of Exile items

Increased Item Quantity modifies the average number of items monsters drop. This modifier has no upper limit since item drops from monsters have no limit. When you’re in a party, each extra player adds 50% to IIQ. Note that like IIR, this modifier does not Path of Exile items from chests. It also does not affect item rarity.