Understanding Links and Support Gems in your Path of Exile Items

We’ve covered socket basics and gem basics in Path of Exile. Using what we know of these two, it’s time to apply them to Support Gems. These Path of Exile items can heavily change how you play your character. Make sure to read on to understand this feature better.



How links in Path of Exile items work with support gems

It is important to remember that only skills in sockets linked to the support gem will get modified. Unfortunately, many people get confused as to when is a socket considered linked to another. The first thing to know is that in all socketed Path of Exile items linked slots have a gold diamond between them. The second thing to remember is that if you can trace an unbroken line through linked sockets, then all those sockets are considered linked. For example, if the links are B-R-R-G, then each socket is linked to ALL the others.

Support gems restrictions for Path of Exile items

Support gems improve and sometimes modify skills. These Path of Exile items also increase the casting cost of skills they modify. Additionally, only attributes the skill already has can be modified (unless the gem adds the attribute.) Finally, support gems DO NOT stack. While having two of the same gem will ensure that both of them get experience points, only the higher level gem will provide benefits to your skills.