Understanding the Quality Statistic of Path of Exile Items

Modifiers aren’t the only way to improve Path of Exile items. Increasing the Quality of items in Path of Exile is another way of doing this. For more information regarding this game mechanic, read on.


What Quality does for Path of Exile items

An item’s Quality starts at zero and goes up to 20%. Each item type has an associated currency item that increases this stat. The increase differs depending on the rarity of Path of Exile items. Normal items get 5% increase, Magic get 2% and Rare and Unique items only get 1%. Finally, using an Orb of Fusing or Jeweller’s Orb will use up all the quality on an item for better chances of rolling sockets/links.

Effects of Quality on weapon and armor Path of Exile items

Improving the Quality of Path of Exile items have varied effects depending on the item type. Increasing Quality on armor increases the item’s Armor rating, Evasion or Energy Shield rating. Use an Armourer’s Scrap to increase quality for armor. For weapons, use a Blacksmith’s Whetstone. Quality increases on weapons improves the minimum and maximum damage.

Flask Path of Exile items and Quality

Flasks that restore health and/or mana receive an increase to the amount they restore. How much is determined by the Quality percentage of these POE items. Utility flasks however have their duration increased. Flask quality can be improved by using a Glassblower’s Bauble.

Quality effects on Skill Gem Path of Exile items

Both types of Skill Gems only get a 1% quality increase whenever a Gemcutter’s Prism is used on them. The effects of Quality also are not fixed for this type of POE items. Majority of the time damage is improved, although this is not always the case.