Upcoming Patch to Nerf Usage of Path of Exile Items for Snapshotting

One of the more advanced, albeit controversial, techniques players use in Path of Exile is Snapshotting. This involves quickly switching equipped Path of Exile items in between skill use. This causes skills to have the benefits of both the switched out and currently equipped POE items. An upcoming patch however will prevent players from Snapshotting.


Snapshotting with Path of Exile items

Snapshotting is the term used when a player quickly swaps out Path of Exile items to get multiple support gem benefits. The trick works because upon casting, the game will lock in all effects and modifiers on the spell. Switching out the items will not remove the effects, instead the new effects will be added to the spell. Modifiers from Path of Exile Orbs can be stacked on minions, auras and the like even though there were not designed to be.

Changes to Path of Exile items in the upcoming patch

While Snapshotting is not against the rules, it is not something the developers have designed the game for. As such, the upcoming patch will do away with Snapshotting. Path of Exile items and skills gems will now dynamically update their effects, to prevent swapped out items from affecting them. Some skills will only be affected by new modifiers when they are recast.