Vendor Recipes for Path of Exile Items

Most online games nowadays feature a crafting system. Path of Exile also has a crafting system, although it is more apt to call it as an exchange system. This system allows players to generate specific Path of Exile items by selling certain items to vendors, hence the term Vendor Recipes. Read on for more.



Getting the currency Path of Exile items you want

You’ve probably spent a lot of time looking for a specific orb or currency item. With Vendor recipes however, you can save time and effort if you have the right Path of Exile items. With the game’s crafting system, vendors will give specific currencies depending on the item you are selling to them. For example, trading a piece of equipment with linked red, green and blue sockets will get you a Chromatic Orb. There are other combinations, however we cannot list them all here (check the link at the end of the article.)

Modifying and creating Path of Exile items through vendors

The Vendor Recipes also include a way for players to make equipment. It even allows players to add or remove modifiers on Path of Exile items. Additionally you can upgrade or downgrade useful items. For example to get a Flask of the next base type, sell three of the same type. For a full list of what can be created or modified click here: Vendor Recipes.