Waypoints and Parties Guide for POE Credits

In a game world as big as Path of Exile’s, a simple but effective navigation system is important. The Waypoint system covers this required feature so players can easily move between areas, acts and even instances while looking for POE Currency.

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Getting to your Path of Exile items hunting ground

Waypoints are special points in maps that players can install to and from. They appear as rune circles that glow blue when activated. Stepping on a Waypoint will activate the Quest UI. From there, players can move to a different area with an activated Waypoint where they can hunt POE Credits.

Choosing instances for more POE Credits through the Quest UI, players can move to a different instance of a zone. This can be done by holding down Ctrl and clicking on “Area with Active Waypoint.” This will bring up Path of Exile’s Instances UI where players can join a different zone instance or make a new one. When hunting Path of Exile items in a Party it’s beneficial to look for less populated instances through this feature.

Teaming up for quicker Path of Exile items

Parties can hold up to six characters to hunt for Path of Exile items. Players can click on the Notice Board in town to join or create public parties. Alternatively, they can also use the Social window. Finally, players can click on player’s names in chat, their avatar in-game or type /invite <name> in chat to get them in a group.

POE Currency for Party fights

Having more players in a party increases the rarity of POE Currency that drop as well as how many of a specific item drops. Additionally, additional party members increase the life of monsters. To compensate, flask charges are easier to acquire as a kill by a nearby party member will recharge flasks of those nearby.