Why Bow Users Don’t Have Mobility Skills facts for POE Items Hunters

Bow users are capable of dealing damage without taking too much damage through utilizing distance with the right Path of Exile Items. A monster’s proximity is quite limited when against bow users, as they might already took a lot of damage before closing the gap of distance between the bow user and monster. The question is: Do bow users need a mobility skill like flame dash?

Some players argue about bow users deserve a mobility skill. Probably these are still having a hard time despite of their range capabilities. Or not utilizing the mechanics of range attacks.

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Facts for Path of Exile Items Hunters: The Range

Having range at a class’ disposal is a huge advantage. A class with this capability has the upper hand against other classes in terms of leveling and money making. However, a good position is required to utilize “the range” efficiently, which most bow users are lacking.

The fog in path of exile’s dungeon is the main hindrance and the source of difficulty to use range efficiently. By the time bow users encounter a monster, the monster is only a few gaps away, which is pretty hard for some bow users. Countering the monster’s proximity needs a lot of practice to counter. It’s where the thrill as a bow user comes from. As a bow user, it’s not all about playing it safe, sometimes a bow user is much more risky class than a melee class. Melee classes have shields and an enormous amount of health points, not to mention some melee classes are capable of using mobility skill.

Facts for POE Items Hunters: Kiting

Bow users already have an advantage through using distance – Kiting. Through this strategy it makes bow users a versatile without mobility skill. Adding mobility skill for bow users would make them unreachable.

It is famous strategy for bow users, also works pretty well in every situation. Kiting uses the principle of using crowd control: slow, stun, and etc. It works like: Hit, use crowd control, run and repeat. Using this technique would conserve POE items such as: health potions.