Wraeclast Zone – Path of Exile Guide to Wraeclast

Path of Exile’s story is divided into three acts. The first of these acts is called “The Shore” and takes place on the beaches of Wraeclast. It is here the players learn about the mechanics about the game and get a taste of collecting POE Currency. Players will encounter their first boss, town and NPCs in this zone.


Difficulties you will face

Like the other two Acts, The Shore is filled with the various dangerous denizens of Wraeclast. Newcomers playing the game in Normal difficulty will encounter monsters between levels 1 and 15. Those coming back to Act I in Cruel difficulty will find the mobs bumped up to level 33 to 40. For those aiming for a challenge, Merciless dials up monster levels up to 52 to 56 for The Shore.

Between slaying monsters, and gathering Path of Exile, your characters need to rest. This can be done in Lioneye’s Watch. Here players will find Nessa, Bestel and Tarkleigh who will help newcomers to Wraeclast. Players will also return here to get their quests, trade items and even form parties with other Exiles. Visiting the town also refills any and all flasks in your character’s inventory.


During your character’s stay in The Shore, he or she will be given tasks by the inhabitants of Lioneye’s Watch. Aside from these NPC quests, your Exile will also take on quests from events that they encounter. There are currently nine quests in Act I, each rewards players with items, accessories and/or Path of Exile Orbs. The available quests are:

  • Enemy at the Gate
  • Mercy Mission
  • Breaking Some Eggs
  • A Dirty Job
  • The Dweller of the Deep
  • The Caged Brute
  • The Marooned Mariner
  • The Siren’s Caden
  • The Way Forward