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The Pure Intelligence Witch Class – Path of Exile Class Discussion


 The classes Exiles in Path of Exile can become are categorized into two: Pure and Hybrids. This is determined by the stats the class will focus on. For pure Intelligence, the associated class is the Witch. This wielder of elements and dark arts is the perfect collector of POE currency for players who have a penchant for ranged combat. She also has access to curses that can easily debuff and debilitate those who seek to do her harm. Pure intelligence The Witch is the pure intelligence class of the game. Majority of her skills and abilities are reliant on the Intelligence…


PoE Items: Intelligence Class, Witch


 Now we take a look at the class that mainly benefits from Intelligence, the Witch. The Witch is the class that gets stronger equipping more Intelligence stats. Witch’s main stat Intelligence makes her unrivaled in terms of use of elemental and dark arts. The Witch punishes her enemies with raw magic from afar. With the power of her will, she casts a powerful barrier for defensive purposes, blocking all physical and magical attacks. This barrier must be destroyed first before the Witch to be damaged. Witch can also cast curses and diseases for more damage and control of the enemies….