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POE Items: Marauder

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Let us take a look at the Pure Strength class of Path of Exile, the Marauder. Here is a brief background of Marauder coming from the Path of Exile Gamepedia. Path of Exile Items: What is a Marauder His visage marked equally by tribal tattoos and the scars of battle,...
POE Items: Path of Exile Attributes

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Knowing an MMORPG’s basic information is a must. If you are planning to take a game seriously, you have to take note every single detail as much as possible. As complicated as a game like Path of Exile, little to no knowledge at all on the basics is unforgiveable. So...
Path of Exile Items: Windows 10 Fix

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With the release of the new Windows 10, it’s not surprising that non-Mac users will be switching to this. It is also not surprising that upgrading to Windows 10 can cause problems to some programs and have compatibility issues with the new operating system. How about...